Find your prefect Ring size

 Do not panic if you do not know your ring size. We can help you figure it out with few simple steps:

1)  First take a ring that you already own that perfectly fits you. It should slide off with a slight pull, but you should not have to pull hard to take it off.

2)  Download and Print out the Ring Sizer chart and place that ring over the circles displayed on the page until you find the perfect match. It offers other two accurate measuring techniques to determine your ring size or the ring size of a loved one if you do not have a ring already.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the ring sizer. Please visit to download the free software.

 Here are few tips to make your measurement more accurate:

·  Measure when your hands are warm, not cold.
·  When measuring, keep in mind that each finger could have a different size, so don’t presume that a ring that  fits     your left ring finger will also fit your right ring finger.
·   Make sure the measurement you choose easily fits over your knuckle.
·   The standard Australian ring size is N1/2 for women and S for men.